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All Spir­i­tual Seek­ers can be Spir­i­tual Enthu­si­asts as they seek the high­est Truths and go for the high­est inner goals imaginable.

Come to Har­monic Pod Blog to:

  • get inspi­ra­tion and enthu­si­asm to sup­port you on your spir­i­tual path
  • find the prac­ti­cal next step to take in your mag­nif­i­cent life’s adventures
  • explore areas of  your own inner trans­for­ma­tion that are ready for expansion

shutterstock_130157399This blog is about pro­vid­ing down-to earth, help­ful tools to keep your enthu­si­asm going strong as you walk your path of trans­for­ma­tion each day.

When life throws you curve balls, it can be invalu­able to have a har­monic pod  of enthu­si­asmtan­gi­ble help and inspi­ra­tion.

Har­monic Pod Top­ics include:

  • cre­at­ing a more pow­er­ful con­nec­tion with your high­est Self
  • deep­en­ing your state of med­i­ta­tion
  • enhanc­ing your intu­ition
  • going within” with ease, in less time
  • expe­ri­enc­ing who you are at your core, as pure energy
  • devel­op­ing hap­pi­ness and pos­i­tiv­ity as  your nat­ural way of living
  • and a whole lot more!

Sim­ply stated, it’s about hav­ing access to the peo­ple and the resources that keep the joy and enthu­si­asm for the search of your high­est goals and aspi­ra­tions going in the daily process of transformation.

Trans­for­ma­tion lit­er­ally means going beyond your form. ~Wayne Dyer

The Amaz­ing Process of Transformation

The amaz­ing process of trans­for­ma­tion takes a Spir­i­tual Seeker to an inner world that is wor­thy of wide-eyed won­der, adven­ture and openness.

Yet daily oblig­a­tions, respon­si­bil­i­ties, ener­getic blocks, old lim­ited beliefs can some­times drain a Spir­i­tual Seeker’s energy.

At some point in the process of trans­for­ma­tion, you have to move from a seeker to a “Spir­i­tual Enthu­si­ast.

And that’s where Har­monic Pod comes in.

Pods are amazingHar­monic Pod is here so that like-minded Spir­i­tual Enthu­si­asts can be together expe­ri­enc­ing that all is well and life is good.

The word “har­monic” means:

pro­duced by har­mony: relat­ing to, pro­duced, or marked by harmony”

When you find your har­monic pod, it will have a pow­er­ful effect on your atti­tude towards life and your inner state as you go through the day.

Have you noticed that the com­pany that you keep and what you read and pay atten­tion to can set the tone for your whole day?

Lee Kemter Reclaim and for­tify the opti­mistic, enthu­si­as­tic seeker that you are.  So the seeker in you becomes the enthu­si­ast and remains that way forever…

Wel­come to the Har­monic Pod,

Lee Kemter

Cre­ator of Har­monic Pod

Opti-mystic cat­a­lyst for Spir­i­tual Enthusiasts


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